Wainwright Liquor & Cold Beer Store

A Little Bit Of Everything

The Regulars

The liquor you will find at every party you go to this year! The staples, if you will! Scotch, Whiskey, Brandy, Tequila, Rum and who could forget Vodka! Don’t forget to stop by our cooler for some mix and ice to perfect your favorite drink! 


Our scotch selection is one of the best in the area, if ot Alberta. We take great pride in our single malt scotch's. With more than 100 different varieties to ponder over, from the region of Scotland to your favorite distillery, or collecting, we're sure it will be here.


If you are a whisky lover, we have something for you too! Choose from Canadian whiskeys, American bourbons, Irish whiskeys and some small batch specialty whiskeys that are all interesting in their own way. We are bound to have something that will spark your fancy.

Brandy & Ports

Cognac, Brandy, Port & Sherry are all well represented in our store. These products will please the collector in you or a person with exquisite taste. Whether you are making yourself a special Toddy or enjoying them on their own, we'll help you find the perfect one.


The bad boy of booze! We have the best of the best in the Blue Agava line with over 105 brands of Tequila in stock, something for everyone!


Rum with its many styles and blends is one you are sure to spend some time looking at, and we're here to help you choose your favorite.


Vodka is another product that has grown over the past years especially in the flavored and ultra premium brands, our selection has too.


Keep up to date on new products brought into the store and see what we’re up to!

Weekly Sales

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Wainwright Liquor & Cold Beer Store has been locally owned and operated by Jay & Sandra Robinson since 1994.


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